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Clément Arnarez joins the group!


Clément comes to us fresh from a PhD in the group of Siewart-Jan Marrink in Groeningen, Netherlands. While Clément's main project will be ab initio force field development for GPCR ligands, we are excited to have him particpate in the membrane structure and dynamics project as well. Bienvenue, Clément!

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ORAU grant awarded!

We have won a grant through the Oak Ridge Affiliated Universities High Perfromance Computing program to collaborate with John Katsaras and Xiaolin Chen. The goal of the project is to determine neutron scattering signatures (both static and dynamic) of liquid ordered phases. The grant will support Mitch for two years, and also comes with a very significant amount of computer time (approx 7 M SUs per year) on Oak Ridge's leadership computing facilty "Titan."

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COBRE on "Discovery of therapeutic leads and chemical probes" awarded!

An NIH COBRE center grant was awarded to UD for "Discovery of therapeutic leads and chemical probes." Joe Fox is the PI, Ed is the subproject PI on one of five subprojects. The other subproject PI's are April Kloxin and Dave Colby; Mary and Don Watson; Catherine Leimkuhler-Grimes; Joel Rosenthal. Ed's portion of the award (1.1 M over a five year period) will fund method development for GPCR lead discovery.

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Helsinki Membrane Biophysics Meeting Organized by Ed and friends

A discussion on fb with Mikko Karttunen ended up becoming a workshop on membrane biophysics in Helsinki in late August. The other organizers were Roalnd Faller, Ilpo Vattulainen, and Jan Åstrom. The meeting brought together the members of two very strong membrane simulation communities (from Finland and from the U.S.), many of whom had never met. Helsinki is an awesome place to visit in summer, and so we will try and recreate the meeting for 2016. More details including the program can be found at http://web.csc.fi/english/csc/courses/archive/memw .

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Science poodle attends second FASEB membrane biophysics meeting.

Ed was invited to give a talk at a FASEB meeting on membrane biophysics in Big Sky, Montana. Since the Science Poodle (a.k.a. Roux Lyman) attending the last such FASEB meeting in Snowmass in 2012, Ed decided he had better take Science Poodle again. Needless to say, he was a hit. (The Science Poodle, that is.) Steve White agreed to write a letter in support of Science Poodle's tenure review in 2016.