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Congrats to Eric and Alexis on their travel awards!

Eric has been awarded a travel grant from UD's office of Undergraduate Research, and Alexis has been awarded a travel grant from DE Space Grant to attend the 61st annual meeting of the Biophysical Society in New Orleans!

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Our sphingomylin simulations grace the cover of BJ!

BJ cover

Our recent simulations of ternary simulations containing palmitoyl sphingomyelin are featured on the cover of the September 1 issue of the biophysical Journal doi:10.1016/j.bpj.2015.07.036. The work is also highlighted in a "New and Notable" perspective written by Jerry Feigenson

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Ed pens a "New and Notable" for the Biophysical Journal

"Retinal Flips the Script", a "New and Notable" written by Ed was recently published in Biophys J:

The N&N highlights carefully designed simulations reported by Blake Mertz and coworkers which shed new insight into the activation mechanism of the GPCR prototype rhodopsin. Blake's article can be found here: doi:10.1016/j.bpj.2015.04.040

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"Hexagonal Substructure and Hydrogen Bonding in Liquid Ordered Phases of Palmitoyl Sphingomyelin" accepted to The Biophysical Journal

Following last year's publication of our DPPC/DOPC/Chol simulations, we are happy to report the publication of similarly designed simulations that incorporate palmitoyl sphingomyelin, which will also be highlighted by a "New and Notable" perspective by Jerry Feigenson. In stark contrast to DPPC, the outer leaflet of the plasma membrane is rich in sphingolipids, particularly PSM.

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Lyman and Peter Tieleman organize Telluride meeting on "Mechanistic Studies in Membrane Biophysics"

The semi annual TSRC meeting on "Mechanistic Studies in Membrane Biophysics" was a success — snow arrived just in time to make for good skiing, and everyone reported a useful and fun meeting. More info, including roster, available here: