Michael Pergeorelis

Michael is a physics major who joined the group in Summer 2014. The aim of his research is to develop analysis methods for the areas and bundary lengths of coexisting phases.

Alexis Webb

Alexis Webb is an undergraduate researcher who joined the group in SUmmer 2015. She is a physics major, and works on the development of "computational calorimetry" methods to locate phase tranistions of lipid bilayers in silico.

Eric Rouviere

Eric is an undergraduate physics major and joined the group in Summer 2015. He is developing compuattaional approaches to identify phase transitions in lipid bilayer simulations.

Ji Young Lee

Ji Young Lee obtained his Ph.D. from Pohang University of Science and Technology in South Korea, where he studied problems in surface physics using density functional theory. Before joining the Lyman group he was a post doc with Ruxandra Dima at the University of Cinncinati, where he developed a coarse-grained model of actin. In the Lyman group he is responsible for our efforts to understand GPCR function using advanced simulation methods.

Nasrin Afzal

Nasrin joined the group in June 2012, after obtaining her Ph.D. in statistical physics at Virginia Tech. She is working to develop mesoscale solvents for particle based simulations, with the goal of capturing hydrodynamic effects in coarse grained lipid bilayer simulations.

Nasrin is a postdoc at George Mason University, Washington, D.C. since July 2014.