Edward Lyman

Ed received his Ph.D. in physics from Virginia Tech, where he studied nonequilibrium critical phenomena with Beate Schmittmann. He then did a post-doc in the Department of Computational Biology at the University of Pittsburgh with Dan Zuckerman. While in Pittsburgh he focused on methods development for biomolecular simulation, with an emphasis on statistically rigorous approaches for sampling protein conformation space. He then moved to Salt Lake City, UT, where he joined the lab of Greg Voth.

Clément Arnarez

Clément joined the group in in February 2015, after finishing his Ph.D. in the group of Siewart-Jan Marrink at the Univeristy of Groeningen, Netherlands. During his Ph.D. Clément developed the solvent free "Dry MARTINI" lipid model. In addition to contributing to our lipid lateral structure projects, he will take the lead in the development of ab inito all-atom force fields for small molecules.

Cesar Caro

Cesar is a Ph.D. candidate in Physics who joined the group in Fall 2011. Aside from being the only member not working on biomolecular simulations, he is famous for out-dressing his advisor on a daily basis.

Expertise: Image processing and compressive sensing

Andrew Zgorski

Andrew is a graduate student in physics who joined the group in 2013. His research focuses on the development of advanced algorithms for lipid bilayer simulation, with a particular emphasis on exploiting recent advances in hardware and supercomputing architectures.

Mitch Dorrell

Mitch joined the group in Summer 2014. The goal of his project is to predict static and dynamic X-ray and neutron scattering from lipid bilayers by analyzing all-atom simulation data. Mitch is supported through the Oak Ridge affiliated universities high performance computing grant program.